Monday, June 23, 2008


* comes wearing a thorth on the head and checks if anybody is looking. Relieved that nobody is looking, quickly posts and scoots away lest she gets some pulicha therry from blogfriends*

Me dears, I don’t think anybody would have really noticed my leave of absence from the blogging world. Yeah, yeah, except for the two of you :-)

Well, hubz and me have been on this mission to expand the Indian population in Holland.
If all goes well by end Dec / early Jan, we will be adding one more crazy mallu to our midst.

So why this long delay ??? you rightly ask…

Me dears, by no means is this an easy mission. The only silver lining I see currently is the license to hog. While earlier people would look horrifyingly at fast disappearing plates kept in front of me, now people look indulgently.

Me seriously thinks that hubz is also having some “good news”. This mind boggling Sherlock Holmes kinda deduction was made after observing hubz’s ever increasing appetite. You know one way its good to have company as we both can waddle to some nice restaurant and polish off food like there is no tomorrow and still not feel the lightest tinge of guilt.

So bring on all the high caloried till now eating only in dreams kinda grub. We believe in not wasting any golden opportunity :-)

See ya around …

Thorth – towel
Pulicha therry – not to be confused with ripe cherry. Plainly put means choicest abuses.