Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back Again!!!

Hola Amigos! Or even better in George Thekkemoottil’s basha*, What is up, doggies???

Yes, yes I do know that I had disappeared from blog action for a long long time. But I am back in a new and improved version (Just like those old Surf Excel ads). It is up to you, my friends to decide how much improved have I become. As my regular 2 readers would know that Iz arrived 4 months back. She is a sweet tempered child that sometimes I doubt whether she is my baby and then she starts howling and I rest assured that she is 100% mine ;-)

I do have loads of tales to tell, but l have been lacking the motivation to blog and also my best friend “lazyness” never left my side. Now that my friend has taken a short break I thought I would post.

You know after my delivery I had visions of instantly turning into a “yummy mummy” like Malaika Arora & Karishma Kapoor, but when I saw myself in the mirror I got a shock, I still looked 9 months pregnant. Hubz even thought that I had another baby in my tummy. Now after 4 months I have partially reached my dream. I have become a mummy but have miles to go before I reach the yummy part.

As regards the improvement in me, I think I have become the female version of this guy. When I first saw the movie I laughed because it was so ludicrous. But now when I see myself I have great respect for Tom Brady who is the brains behind the movie. You still don’t believe this, let me explain further. By the last term of my pregnancy I had become what some people would call as a cross between a beached whale cum elephant. Also the way I walked at office my colleagues very lovingly called it “the waddle”. Like MJ patented the moonwalk, I had patented “the waddle” which would mean that I am in the territory of Mrs.Duck. Once Iz came into my life I was alternating between a proud mother hen clucking away to glory looking at the perfect little fingers and toes and a tigress protecting her cub. I didn’t let her out of sight even for a second. Of course the other word for my behavior is paranoia but I am sure most new moms are like this. Since in my earlier life I was somebody who needed a minimum of 10 hours sleep to be sweet tempered and civil, just imagine my plight when all I got was a few catnaps in betweeen the endless feeding sessions. Of course hubz was the one who bore the brunt of it as I was barking at him all the time. Poor guy was so traumatized that now also he looks for reasons to be away from home so that he can move away from the line of fire. Of course now that Iz has grown up a bit and we understand each other better, Iz & me have loads of fun monkeying around .

Whaaat???Even after all this explanation, you guys still don’t believe that I am the female Rob Schneider… Alright … Just ask Hubz… He will surely agree …. ;-)

*basha : language