Friday, December 14, 2007

My First Tag!!!

Here comes my first tag in the blogworld. My new friend in the blogsphere has tagged me and here I am doing the honours… Trumpets plzzzzz

5 unique things found in my room:
Now since we live in an apartment I have twisted the room bit to apartment. So here comes the “5 unique things found in my apartment”.

The most unique thing in my house is undoubtedly hubby. Sis and all the people who know him will guarantee that he is one in a trillion.

Him apart, here is the list of unique things:

i) A miniature music box, which plays the tune of “Raindrops keep falling on my head.”

ii. A Turkish eye protecting our house courtesy our Turkish landlords.

iii. Collection of hats in various sizes and shapes from different countries courtesy hubby’s fascination for the same.

iv. A candle holder in the shape of Buddha courtesy a friend who is deeply spiritual.

v. A tiny nativity scene in glass from Venice. The beauty is magnified by the frailty and the smallness of the piece.

5 unique things found in my bag:
A word of advice to Dear Mathew. Never ever E.V.E.R. question the contents of a girls bag. Girls normally have the world in their bag. Since I have a bag cum wallet cum garbage bin, I would take up one of the questions.

i. Visiting cards – now the question is what is so unique about them??? Well, they are my old visiting cards from my ex-organisation. Just a reminder of the old times.

ii. A picture of an elephant drawn by a dear friend 5 years back. Yes, I am a hoarder of old things and also very sentimental (yup right, more mental than senti).

iii. A diary of phone numbers and essential contact information. This is something, which I have with me since the last 15 years. (Now I can see the raised eyebrows and more people agreeing on the mental part ;-) )

iv. A picture made by my kutti cousin. When she presented the drawing to me, I oohed and aahed at it for some time and thanked her for the pic of goldfish in the pond. Its only when she corrected me I understood that she had drawn a parrot in the cage ;-)

v. An assortment of chapsticks :- plain, flavoured, glitter, etc. After all you are peeking into the contents of a girl’s bag…what else did you expect? Now Mathew, this is G.I.R.L.Y… not a tube of Vaseline ;-P


anN-series said...

"miniature music box"..where is tht kept...i will explore it this weekend...and yes ur husband is unique...i second that!

mathew said... i get the a girls bag is as good as a mini walmart..;-P

btw it is the first time am tagging a sister brigade..

and the venice miniature..i loved the place except for the sky rocket prices...did you go to murano..

i must say you have written your fist tag with a bang...liked reading it..

eljo said...

@ M: I have to hide all the stuff now that you are coming over ;-P

@ Mathew: forewarned is forearmed. Sis & me are not known as terrible twosome for nothing ;-) As for Venice, was there just for a day. So was covering all the tourist spots in breakneck speed. But stayed in all the shops selling Murano glass artefacts with mouth wide open. Hubby had to literally pull me away from the stores :-)