Thursday, December 20, 2007


mmmm…it’s that time of the year when I am left reminiscing about how things went in the year gone by. After a lot of thought I am left with these 10 questions, which are haunting me time and again. Hopefully next year I can take off a couple of them from my list.

i) Why is it that I am capable of giving perfectly sound advice when it comes to other people and not able to think rationally when it comes to me???

ii) Why is it that I come out as a mature and level headed person (supposedly) to third parties whereas I am so pig headed and stubborn when it comes to close relationships???

iii) Why is it that I am stuffing my face with chips, nuts and all oily things (which by the way tastes so yummy but so bad for my waist) when I come back from work when my eyes refuse to see the perfectly healthy options which are placed right beside it???

iv) Why is it that I refuse to acknowledge all the important people in my life when all the while I am having imaginary conversations with them in my head???

v) Why is it that I know I ought to get in touch with family and close friends whereas I always postpone it with the same reason “May be later”???

vi) Why is it so difficult for me to get out of home on weekends when all through the week I make resolutions of walking around the nearby lake???

vii) Why is it that I get so jealous when I look at a well-turned out female when I know that getting back to shape is not such an insurmountable task???

viii) Why is it that only when I decide to go on a diet it is the festive season and thereby so much more temptations to resist???

ix) Why is it that I don’t make the effort to talk to more people whereas I am constantly looking for escape routes when I meet someone familiar from work at non-work events???

x) Why is it that I know so much about myself and still not able to change even an inch of the things where I am going wrong???


anN-series said...

reading this that crappy BSB song crossed my mind..'tell me y...aint nothing but a heartbreak'!!!..points 7-10 apply to me as well but tell me y..
my sister got in shape just wen i got out of shape!!!

mathew said...

why is it that you are so serious in this festive time..:-P

have a great christmas and enjoy the holidays..


eljo said...

@ Ms : Thanx for the comments. Have a wonderful 2008!!! Hope that this year brings in loads of reasons to be happy :-)