Monday, January 7, 2008

Sister Act

Came back yesterday after dropping sis at the airport and the house was eerily quiet. She was here for her semester break and it was fun to go back to a non-empty house when she was here. This time around, sis & me have been tickled pink by hubby’s & my colleagues being stumped by our resemblance.

Sis & me look very similar. Infact, the truth is she looks like me. Ha! I can say that with confidence, as I am the elder one. When acquaintances met sis and started chatting with her assuming it was me, it was fun to watch their expressions on later being told that it was sis and not me. Infact one colleague went up to sis and told her it was amazing that I had lost quite a bit of weight (Ahem, warning bells about my increasing weight, which for the time being I am refusing to hear.)

All this takes me back to the time, when we didn’t want to be dead caught wearing anything remotely identical. Rather we despised being told that we resemble a lot. Being the eldest grandchildren in both dad’s & mom’s side, we were invariably the flower-girls for most of the uncles’ and aunts’ weddings. The aunts on their wedding day lived in mortal fear that their bridal veil would be dragged down by us in the midst of a tug of war for the larger portion of the veil ;-)

Mum adding to our consternation had this habit of dressing us in identical frocks. This went on till the time we refused to get out of the house if we were dressed in anything remotely similar. The 4 years age difference between us, which looked so insurmountable back then now looks very trivial. For a long time for me, she was my baby sister who was busy snitching on me or was busy snooping around my personal diaries or plainly making my life miserable by wanting to ape whatever I was doing. The bond between us actually got stronger only when I left home on my first job. That was the time that we actually started speaking with each rather than the usual petty fighting. You know it always used to surprise me that we would be watching TV or looking at somebody and would come up with the same comment at the same time. Talk about Telepathy!!!

Now that hubby has also joined the gang it is great fun that we have this amazing wavelength where only one has to start a sentence and other would finish it. Most of the time, they are ganging up on me and deriving sadistic pleasure in pulling my legs.

Well Min, loved having you here. I feel really touched that you feel close enough to your chettan & me to count us in your list of close friends. I am closing this post by asking you the question, which Tina (hubby’s niece) asked you…. Entha elayammede pole irikkuney??? (Why do you resemble my aunt so much???)

p.s. Soul sistah : you better keep your side of the bargain now that I have written an entire post on you... ;-p


anN-series said...

i feel like a miss universe who is shocked-happy-tearyeyed-proud all at the same time :~P
y do i resemble tina's aunt..u know i was always a copycat..n u were the only one i always copied..and hey who wrote tht post on u....u became like a famous chechi after tht...

mathew said...

nice to see this evident that u guys had a great time there..

talkin of sibling i think its the same everywhere..although we fought over things like ..'u cook..i eat'..but being elder dint mean i could be the bully coz he isnt that younger to me..and probably anticipated my motives..;-P

and must say that generally bro's are as expressive as sisters, there is still caring and brotherhood which is silently understood..

i thought the same when i saw ur orkut snaps..both of you have 100 watt smiles..

Brat said...

So much sista-love here! Good to know that you guys are having a great time! I can't relate to this feeling myself, since I've had no siblings (I thought siblings always brought trouble with them ;-))!

eljo said...

@ Min: All the soapadichifying is not going to let you off the hook ;-P

@ Mathew: We are as vocal(or shall i say non-vocal) of our bond as your bro & you. We are the silent types when it comes to feelings. As regards our smiles, we should thank our dentists ;-P

@brat: What surprises sis & me is the level of understanding we have now. Earlier we used to be so busy fighting that we didn't take notice of the fact that we are similar in tonnes of ways.

As regards being the only one, you have missed out on a lot of sibling rivalry and revelry :-)

jo said...

feeling so jealous..I never had an opportunity to experience sibling rivalry n revelry :P...
and occasionally tried to be elder sisterly with my younger friends and ended up being bullied by them..a very interesting and touching read..

eljo said...

@Jo: Welcome here :-) its only now that we are grown up and staying apart that we are having all this revelry... otherwise it was rivalry all the way ;-)