Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hair raising Tales

Statutory Warning: Any resemblance to any living persons are purely intentional ;-p

Scene 1:

Cast: Guy, Gal and Guy’s uncle on visit
Time : Monday morning mad rush from home to office.

Gal : *busy running and getting things ready* Onnu vegam irangunnundo….(Get ready quick). We will surely miss the metro if you take this looooong for your make-up.

Guy: * very painstakingly applying hair gel and creating tiny spikes on his already short hair * mmmmm… I am coming.

Scene 2:

Guy : T uncle, we are leaving for office now. Will come early today.

Guy’s uncle : * busy looking at Guy’s hair* Nee engane aano pokkunney? (Is this the way you are going?) Shouldn’t you be combing your hair before going to office ???

Guy: *turning bright red in embarrassment and giving a valicha chiri* Ayyo uncle, itha eppozhathey latest style (Uncle, this is the latest fashion)

Gal: *busy smothering her guffaws and trying to be the ideal marumakal* Ok uncle, we are leaving.

Scene 3:

*Guy mercilessly teased by Gal the rest of day *



anN-series said...

hahahahahhaaaa......i cud visualise this scene happening...ha finally some cheer to my depressing day :~D

mathew said...

I get such remarks from Dad..like when I cut my hair real short ..I can always predict that he is goin to ask me.."ohoh..nee parole il aanu alle.."

eljo said...

@ Min: must say, the comment from T uncle surely made my day :-)

@Mathew: I see that sense of humour runs in your family ;-)
Good one by your Dad...