Friday, February 15, 2008

She came, she saw, she fell…among other things

In a synopsis, that’s what our last weekend was. (For more details, you could take a peek here). The weekend, which was eagerly awaited, ended in an anti-climax. Oops, before I forget the climax was of course the part where I called up emergency and they asked me how was I sure that I am dying right now???&@*$

Sis was here last weekend. We had major plans of taking her out owing to unusually good weather but all we did was sit at home and peek out of the window… *sigh*

Things started going downhill on Thursday evening itself. I started feeling unwell but then decided to ignore hoping I will feel better by the next day. Friday dawned, my health no better. But still went about as usual.

Friday evening 6.45 pm:
Airport, pick up sis.

Friday evening 8.30 pm:
Finish dinner, me feeling positively unwell. Hubby & sis decide to check out Chinese New Year celebrations in central part of city. They are cycling their way there.

Friday night 10.30 pm: Mr. Murphy in full action.
I have no choice but to call emergency. Hubz and a limping Sis arrive due to her dare-devilry atop the cycle. I mentally prepared to call up emergency.

Conversation ensued as follows:
Me: Hello, this is Eljo. I am ….
Emergency lady: What is your full name?

Me: But I am feeling …
Emergency lady: Now your Date of Birth.

ME: I am …
Emergency lady: Now your postcode.

By now I am sure that she is not going to ask me why I am calling her in the first place.

Emergency Lady: *very exasperatedly* now what is the problem?
ME: *thinking of saying “Fire on the mountain, run, run run” but realizing that I have called emergency and not fire department start with the problems*

Emergency Lady: *very disinterestedly* Oh… but can’t this wait till Monday??
ME: I don’t think I will be alive till then… (They don’t call me drama- queen for nothing!!!)

Emergency Lady: *Convinced by my dialogue delivery * Ok, come and meet the doctor tomorrow morning at 9.00 am…
ME: *relieved* OK, thanx
Emergency Lady: *Thad!!! plonked the phone down*

In the meanwhile, hubby helping out limping sis with volini…

Saturday, morning 5.30 am
Me feeling worse and am pretty sure that I am on my way to pearly gates very soon. I do a quick rewind and scan my past for any deed for which I will be sent Down Under. Skips aside all the nagging and fighting with hubby as acceptable way of life as that’s why it is called martial life (oops! Sorry…marital life)

Saturday morning 5.45 am:
Again call Emergency and stuck with the same Emergency aunty. What are the odds of that??? Like I said before Murphy uncle was in full form…

ME: *in a dramatic voice* I had called before…
Emergency Lady: What is your name?

ME: you have all my details. Pls this is urgent.
Emergency Lady: Now your date of birth.

ME: *how about 31 April? Seriously this lady was pushing her limits*
Manages to squeak out DOB and postcode details lest she assumed that I had changed houses in 5 hours time.

Emergency Lady: Why did you wait so long?
ME: *What the ****? * You told me to wait till tomorrow morning….

Anyways to cut a long story short, managed to see the Doc on Saturday morning. Found out that it was not as life threatening as was assumed by yours truly.

Came back home and 2 injured sisters decided to penalize one miserable guy to do as per their bidding. Poor guy got so fed up that he decided it was better for him to sprain his ankle and sit at home rather than running around satisfying demands of two high-maintenance drama queens ;-)

Pssst: If you find one tall guy limping around saying he got a sprain while playing basketball, don’t believe him!!! ;-)


silverine said...

LOL!!! Good one!!

So those soaps we see of Emergency Team rushing to your aid the moment you think "911" are just a myth? Our govt doctors will rejoice reading this :))

Reminds me the day I tried saving a baby crow and called up SPCA influenced by a newspaper article about them and the conversation went thus.

Me: There is a baby crow on the road...
SPCA: Sorry,you will have to call CUPA.
Me to CUPA: There is a baby crow fallen from the nest on the road.
CUPA: Sorry you will have to call .....

Th baby crow died on the road *sniff*

mathew said...

hahahhaa..i cant help laughing at the disaster...reminds me of those days when a small sneeze..and i would pretend to have high fever to avoid school..when my brand of over acting dint give much results thought!!;-P

dint ya get those classic cocktail medicines from the doc in home???

anN-series said...

Sunday evening 7.30pm
Eljo is happy that illness made her shed some weight, she is making sister jealous saying she has lost 2 kgs in 2 days..
wears sesky clothes and makes sister dark green with double jealously!!

The following week- sister goes into depression seeing eljo's seskyness that she gives in to her carb cravings...(*burp) :~D

eljo said...

@Anjali: Even I had visions of helicopters coming to airlift me... the stark truth is that I had to limp my way to the emergency...*sigh* Its always better to fall ill at home...the highs outweighs the lows... what with the royal treatment at home and not having to lift a finger ;-)

@Mathew: mmmm... laughing at fellow blogger's troubles... shame on you ;-P Inhouse Doc did make some classic cocktail medicines... but they were all temporary relief... no wonder I was going back for more :-)

@Min : Didn't Mom & Dad teach you to look at the positive side of everything ???? Sheesh!!! loads you have to learn from me...byaaby....;-)