Friday, April 18, 2008

Hair Raising Tales – Part II

Statutory Warning: Any resemblance to any living persons are purely intentional ;-p

Scene 1:

Cast: Guy, Gal and Gal’s sis on visit
Time : Friday evening relaxing at home in the weekend mode.

Gal : *depressed as her new hair cut is not making her look younger. In fact, it makes her look like a wet hen with spiked feathers, owing to the stupid mousse the hairdresser used* “My hair is a disaster $(#%(#%)%”

Guy: “Here, have a glass of red wine” *Guy’s way of solving all problems in the world is by having a glass of red wine. Alternate solution is having a glass of beer of course!*

Scene 2:

Gal: *Drinking her red wine contemplating for the nth time why the hairdresser had to use the mousse*

Sis: “Chech, remember the fringe you had ages ago???”

Gal: *getting out of her reverie* “What, where, when??? Oh, the one I had a decade ago! ”

Guy : *guffawing* “Fringe!@#$& You had a fringe ”
Gal: *selective hearing mode on. Conveniently ignores Guy. Listens to Sis*

Sis: “You know you used to look quite cute with the fringe. ”

Guy: *still guffawing* “Fringe!@#$& You had a fringe ”

Scene 3:

Gal: *slinks away to the bedroom and chops off a lock of hair, looks at the mirror and checks whether she looks 10 years younger. Sees that answer is NO and chops off some more*

Guy & Sis: *hears no sound of Gal and comes to inspect, as they are sure that Gal is upto some mischief as she is unusually quiet*

Sis: What???@$$)@#$* You cut your hair.

Gal: *a wry grimace and tries to cover up the disaster*

Guy: *still guffawing* “Fringe!@#$& Now, you have a fringe. Is this what is called Fringe Benefits??? ”

Sis: “You know we should cut some more, then only it will be even”

Gal: *Lets Sis chop off some more hair*

Scene 4:

Gal: *gets up in the morning. Sees the “fringe” standing up like that of Dennis, the Menace. Infact looks even worse; it actually resembles a “ra” written in Malayalam* “Sis#@*$* you better take a life insurance. There’s no way I am letting you walk away from this. ”

Guy: *howling with laugher, but tries to muffle his laughter owing to the steely glare from the gal*

Sis: *slinking away and not making any smartass comments owing to her fear for her life*

Scene 5:

Gal * desperately applying water, oil, gel to straighten the said “RA” to make it look more decent & respectable*

Moral of the story: Never underestimate the power of one glass of red wine especially when drunk on an empty stomach. It makes you do unimaginable things….



anN-series said...

dude y r u blaming me!!!....ok ya i did put the idea into ur head but u went n chopped it!!! just give it another week, it will look fine...considering the amount of damage i did today i guess i will take the saturday flight out!! :~(

PS dont u feel good that u went on and did something crazy while not being sober?? :~P

mathew said...

Lol!!..kaduthu poyyi...atleast you had people who understood your language...evide i remember the first time i visited a hair saloon..

"herren...Soll ich die Klinge 15 mm für den Schnitt? somethin like that askine me that she is cutting 15 mm of my head"

I didnot have the guts to put a fight and ask what was it all about and replied..


15 minutes later...

*Poojapura central jail convict no 420 looks and shock of a lifetime..*

Confessions of a Born Procrastinator said...

he he... beautiful post!!! loved the subtle comedy :)

"Gal: *selective hearing mode on. Conveniently ignores Guy."... LOL!!!That was quite a few laughs :)

ursjina said...

was dat for real? hearty condolences if so..:)came here tru ur sis blog..nice place..

mathew said...

new posts please..

eljo said...

@ sista : its almost 3 months now and I still don't see any reason to forgive you #*$&#$& In fact my hair looks worse now....

@ Fr.Matt: Misery loves company. good to know you also had a similar experience. But lucky for you that you didn't have a sibling traitor :-)

@confessions : thank u.. thank u...

@ ursjina: Every word 100% real of course. things you have to endure when u are saddled with a sis like mine ;-)

@ Fr.Matt: actually some new developments... will post soon.